Tamara Ecclestone makes a splash modeling Ultimo's new swimwear range

Tamara Ecclestone
From her £45million Kensington pad to her £9,000 Rolex watch, Tamara Ecclestone is used to splashing cash.

But instead of flaunting her finances, the daughter of the Formula 1 boss is making waves showing off Ultimo's latest swimwear designs.

Sporting her Croatian mother's model looks, the socialite and TV presenter was picked as the face of the lingerie label earlier this year.

The millionairess, seen wearing brown and snakeskin beachwear said: 'Ultimo swimwear is glamorous and beautifully designed. I really love that the range offers something for everyone, from A cups right through to G cups.

'It is the perfect brand for women who want to treat themselves and instantly feel sexy yet comfortable even on the hottest days on the beach.'

With her jet set lifestyle the new wares will be no doubt be useful for the brunette who was spotted in Dubai earlier this year relaxing by the pool with her stockbroker boyfriend 37-year-old Omar Khyami.

Not just confined to millionaires, prices range from £10.00 and the makers claim that the silicone used in the three swimwear creations can increase the bust by two cups sizes.

Michelle Mone, creator of Ultimo, said: 'Tamara is so elegant and beautiful, when I met her I knew straight away that she’d be perfect for Ultimo Couture.

'She’s had a fairy-tale life, but she’s incredibly down to earth and brings something entirely new to the brand.'

Modeling aside, Ecclestone is currently transforming her house in Kensington Palace Gardens bought for her by her billionaire father Bernie.

Her neighbors include Russian/American businessman, Leonard Blavatnik and Jonathan Hunt, the founder of Foxton's.

Both Tamara and her boyfriend will be filmed renovating the London mansion as they star in a new reality TV show called Tamara’s World this summer.

Tamara is also set to launch her own range of hair care products.

The model told the News of the World: ‘I’m not just Daddy’s little girl, I’m a passionate young woman with aspirations and ambitions.’

Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone

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