Catherine Zeta Jones poses nude

Catherine Zeta-Jones has stripped off for her first ever nude photo shoot for Allure magazine but admits she wasn't daunted by the prospect because she's confident of her body.
The 40-year-old beauty said: "That's when your dancing days and being in theatre pay off. When you're doing a quick change, you don't give a damn who sees you."
While Zeta-Jones - who has two children, Dylan, 9, and Carys, 6, with husband Michael Douglas - has no problems getting naked, she recently admitted it's harder to do now the family live in New York rather than Bermuda.
She said: "In Bermuda, the children were like naked, opening the back door. So was I. Just running out into the garden. It's really hard to do that in Central Park!"
Welsh-born Zeta-Jones says the family are used to moving around and admits they would love to sail around the world.
She added: "I wouldn't be surprised if we do that."
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